You’re vs. Your – Yes! There is a Difference!!


Your” shows that something is owned or is assigned to you … in other words, it is YOURS !!

e.g.  Your house is not far from your job.

You’re” is the contracted form of “you are.”

e.g.  You’re late every day even though your house is near your job.

Transposing the adjective (your) for the pronoun/verb (you’re) is a more common mistake among native English speakers than ESL students.  They are often more keenly aware of grammar rules because they are always in a state of learning and assimilating grammar and vocabulary.

If your mother tongue is English, it is not automatic that you know the grammar of your own language.  Making a mistake with ‘your/you’re’ detracts from your message in very real ways.  Others are not likely to share content with such an error, unless they also don’t know the difference.  The likelihood of converting lands can vanish if they are turned away by a less-than-polished text presentation.  It would be like presenting your well-executed and brilliant Power Point to the company VIPs … with a super-huge ketchup stain on your tie. HOW EMBARRASSING!  What are the odds your audience does NOT see your tie, and is fully focused on your slides?  Would you take that risk?

It is not ‘ok’ to overlook just because the two forms are ‘close’ or ‘sound the same.’  If you’re pronouncing your own language properly, they do not sound the same at all!

You’re rhymes with pure / sure / cure

Your rhymes with pore / sore / core

Hope this is a help to some and a reminder to others!

~ Kathe

©2016 Kathe Messina