I love everything about English.  I love writing it, I love reading it when well-written, and mostly I love teaching it.

I’m saddened, though, by the growing list of casualties in the war on ‘proper’ English. I’m not averse to colloquial constructions, but I really hate some of the things that are “ok” to say now that were NOT considered acceptable grammar years ago.

Has English changed? Well, of course it has! The world is loaded with ‘stuff’ that just didn’t exist when our parents were kids. Words have taken on new meaning and this flexibility is not at the core of what frustrates me.  No … for me, it’s ridiculous to allow an evolution based on laziness and poor investment in education … and don’t even get me started on the influence of SMS on an entire generation’s ability to construct a decent sentence with FULLY-SPELLED words. But I digress.

It is my aim to amass a variety of sub-pages in this section to feature some common errors as well as to work against those things which have become “ok” to say … but really aren’t!

~ Kathe






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