How to Automate … And not be OBVS! PART I

Welcome to the first installment of a series in which I’ll share some tips & tricks to help any who might like to automate some tweets, but don’t know where to start.   Why do I say “SOME” tweets? Stick aroundddddddddddd.

In a nutshell, before you decide to automate, ask yourself these two things …

  • What annoys me about tweets that are obviously automated?
  • Why am I annoyed?

You know … automating tweets is NOT an evil thing. I used to think it was disingenuous and I had that luxury until I hit about 8.5k followers and was getting likes and retweets out the wazoo. No, I’m not complaining. #MadLove to all of you for causing this ‘dilemma.’ But I digress. The problem is automating EVERYTHING and having NO REAL ENGAGEMENT. I’ll deal with engagement in a future post.


Program welcome tweets YOURSELF, and don’t let the software send out those canned thank-you tweets. Like seriously … if I’m such a “top influencer” this week, then I should get your real-time attention. But you don’t have that kind of time. So don’t let some bot call me a “top influencer.” It’s phony. Incidentally, I can’t tell you how many times I get those ‘Thanks’ tweets when I never even engaged with that #tweep that week, or sometimes EVER. I may have been included in an RT of and RT of an RT, but I’m hardly a “high value member” that week. Sadly, they’re automating when their activity is so low and the software gropes to find connections to tweet about. PHONY!

At least come up with a few welcome and thank-you lines that sound like YOU. Statusbrew is one service that lets you customize, among many other features. There are free and paid versions.

Who writes this stuff? It makes no sense.


Why would you thank people for being RETWEETED members in your time line? Should they not be thanked for retweeting YOU, instead of being the most retweeted by others? DUH!


Even if you really need to watch the budget, skimp on a few coffees in the month and put the dough into a paid version of whatever you decide to use. Otherwise, the software is sending out those annoying promo tweets that only serve to inform your whole following that you’re too cheap to pay to look like you care about organic tweeting. Maybe you don’t … but you should.


They blow your cover, too, when you’re actually clever at automating, but miss a payment. How do I know this? Moooooving onnnnn …


This should be a no-brainer, but the following real DM proves it’s rocket science …


If you’re going to use the feature to send new followers a DM, which I highly advise against, could you PUHLEASSSEE spell stuff right? How hard is that? Even if you fell off the truck from Lower Slobbovia and English is not your native tongue, one of the FIRST English verbs you learn is ‘to buy.’ WTH is ‘to huy’?

In the same vein, don’t be stupid on the live feed either. Case in point …


This clever ‘egg’ linked back to their own @ name but got it wrong. I’ve seen this more than I care to weep for humanity.


Use the ‘list’ feature in Twitter along with the features of RoundTeam to be a generous RTer! I really don’t have the time anymore to watch my timeline and RT all the peeps I have come to value so highly. I can still show them my #TwitterGraciousness and I do so by adding them to a dedicated list from which my RoundTeam RTs in an evenly-paced fashion. This is working so amazingly well for me because I add the people whose stuff I already know to be value-added, and so far there are no weiners and buns being RTed from MY account.

Don’t be scared … there are awesome tutorials on YouTube to show you the ropes. Here’s a great place to start!

Ok my lovelies … that’s enough book-learnin’ for one sitting. Y’all come back for the next installment, ya hear?


©2016 Kathe Messina


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