Authors #Unfollow ing Fellow Authors ??

Say it isn’t so !!

But it is. Damn it !!


Thought I’d jump on the #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation bandwagon with an observation.

I watch my #unfollowers with Statusbrew and have noticed a number of authors among recent unfollowers, which begs the question …

Why would authors unfollow other authors?

Some possible but also irrelevant considerations I came up with include …

  • Their tweets are crap [no #valueadded content]
  • Their tweets are irritating
  • Their tweets are both crap AND irritating
  • They spam endlessly about their own projects and don’t promo others

Why do I consider these points irrelevant?

You’d need to be sitting with your face glued to your live feed in order to find one spamming author annoying, and you’d also need to have their notifications turned on to be able to make the wide-sweeping generalization that their tweets are crap. Alternatively, you’d have to actually make the effort to go to that author’s page to see their tweets collectively and make that assessment. Really? You have time for this? I don’t.

How about adopting the warm-and-squishy altruistic approach where you hope for the good for all your fellow authors and you follow and/or promo them without prejudice? For that matter, how about applying that to artists in general, and even beyond?

Following liberally and focusing precious time on your notifications should NOT clog you up with anything that is irritating or spamming. Seems pretty simple to me. So if you’ve unfollowed an author or artist lately, #shame on you!

~ Kathe

©2016 Kathe Messina



2 thoughts on “Authors #Unfollow ing Fellow Authors ??

  1. I absolutely agree, Claudia. I’m in a closed FB writer’s group where the commentary is different, though. I can overlook annoying spam-type messages and even DMs, rather than unfollowing, because I think the learning potential of social media is maximized when we practice tolerance !!


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