Get the Guts To Write Your #Memoir !!

There are people who love drama and who unabashedly wear their dirty laundry … they don’t just hang it on the line for everyone to see … they sport it like a trophy. You know the type?

“Oh, I’m so sad today.” [ a magnet for a bazillion “What’s wrong?” sympathy replies ]

That is NOT me.

THIS ⏬⏬⏬ is me …and it can be YOU TOO !!


I didn’t want to tell the particular events in She’ll Awaken because they were still an open wound. I was feeling stupid, justifiably so, and I certainly didn’t want the spotlight on THAT. I also was not seeking sympathy – it often makes me feel WORSE, not better.

So how did I get the guts to do it? I peg two key things …

Firstly, our lives are a book in progress. Look at the events about which you will write as a bad chapter that is over, and take charge NOT to link future chapters back to it. See the opportunity to help others and take the focus off yourself, where you don’t want it.

Secondly, obligate yourself to do the writing. How? The same day I got the epiphany to write my book, I told my most trusted friend about my idea and the ultimate vision. I did that before I had a chance to rationalize myself out of doing it. Over the first few weeks, he helped me clear the fog because he could see the project from all angles. I loved his pragmatism as a former project manager, and I knew he would both hold my hand AND kick my ass. I needed that.

So, to summarize, bare your soul because someone else might learn from it, and find your compass – someone who believes in you no matter what, and who helps you stay the course. Please remember … if it were easy, everyone would do it. That’s what makes it so important. You can do it !!


©2016 Kathe Messina


6 thoughts on “Get the Guts To Write Your #Memoir !!

    • Thanks, Enricoh! Your support has been amazing!
      As for ‘Jake,’ a girl can’t reveal ALL her secrets, can she? LOL
      I should let him speak for himself … perhaps I’ll summons him *winks.”



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