Trolling or Truth … You Decide !!

I’m compelled to share a DM I received yesterday in the name of my ongoing pursuit of #TwitterGraciousness. I have blogged about that before, and am passionate about calling out #trolls and all those who disturb the peace in my little #Twitterverse. Face it … if you’re reading this, it is because YOU are in my #Twitterverse; so it concerns you, too.

Please, please, please don’t EVER become a #troll who would write something like this from a place of copious ignorance …

Capture WEG1

Why am I having a problem with this, you ask? First, here’s my reply:

Capture WEG2

This answer is about as benign as I’m capable of constructing. My first reflex would be to shoot from the hip, gun loaded, simply for being so marketing-dense, notwithstanding so NOT #TwitterGracious.

Clearly this #tweep forgets some important facts:

  • Every mention is a chance to be seen, and so is every RT
  • Using hashtags to define your place on Twitter is everyone’s right.
  • Using hashtags makes tweets searchable (the very thing this  ^&$#@ is doing when watching the #amediting feed. Like DUH!


But I digress.

Here is where it got really out-of-hand. For someone who jumped into MY DMs claiming they didn’t want to be rude, the pendulum surely swung here:

Capture WEG3

Do I need to itemize what’s wrong with this?

  1. I was never combative
  2. It’s contradictory to slam me for using a certain hashtag for my activity, when this person is using it because they’re in the same activity.
  3. This person would need to have their face stuck to that feed all day to see my posts “continually.” It suggests that in the hour or so between my tweets, NO ONE ELSE is tweeting with #amediting … and those of us with ANY #Twitter savvy know that’s just not true.
  4. You just do not EVER tell anyone that their art is useless. My tweets include excerpts from my book, and leaders – or teasers, and so I have to assume ALL my content is included in the comment that “everything you have previously said has been…useless.”
  5. With a whopping follower count of less than 2k, is this person qualified to make the wide-sweeping generalization, “I and the majority of people you “reach” do not care about those posts …”  How in Hitler’s hell would this person know about my reach since I have six times the followers? Oh … and the 75+ notifications every hour MUST be my imagination because NO ONE likes me or is paying any attention to my stuff. Riiiiight.
  6. This person actually began the “silly argument” they claimed to want to avoid and knows nothing about marketing, reach, and, particularly, how to get tweets seen.


I have multiple types of tweets daily, and less than half are about my book. KEY !!

  • Welcome tweets
  • Shout-outs for listing me
  • Organic shout-outs for RTs and ❤s
  • Quote tweets
  • Teasers about my book
  • Excerpts from my book
  • Organic engagement with my #tweeps and #TwitterFriends


If you’re reading this, Dear Ignorant Person Whose Identity I’m Sparing, DO THE MATH. Over 75% of what I tweet is for everyone else, to get them mentioned, to thank them, or just to engage with them. How could that be “useless?”

If anything, you brought out the sarcasm in me, which I’ll own.

Capture WEG4

Following that, you can shove your accusations of me being “combative” … I wasn’t until now. You insulted my art, and my efforts to add value to others. I’ve got a BBA that pretty much suggests I know what I’m talking about where reach is concerned. Clearly, you don’t.

This is now a call to any who care to, to freely comment if you feel my tweeting is useless.

Thanks for reading my rant!



©2016 Kathe Messina

3 thoughts on “Trolling or Truth … You Decide !!

    • Hey Claudia! Thanks for your reply. If they stopped following me they’d still see tweets that have #amediting when they watch a stream of that hashtag.

      If I search for a particular hashtag, I see the most recent and popular tweets using the hashtag … not necessarily from people I follow.

      ######### LOL !!


  1. Hi Kathe, Now that I’ve read your post, I can see why you’re not happy. You’ve obviously got a lot of experience both as a writer and also in how to navigating your way around social media. I as one have really appreciated your RT’s and @mentions.
    The #amwriting and #amediting are really important hashtags.

    Sometimes, I wish twitter was more interactive in the sense of asking questions about the writing process and helping each other out. My timeline looks more like an advertising board with everyone plugging their books and others RT them plugging their book.

    Thanks for your #twittergraciousness.


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