How Many Managing Directors Work for NOTHING ???

Quite simply, if you’re not impressed when you read this impassioned plea by @AmaniJnana ‘s Managing Director, I’d seek the nearest defibrillator PDQ … cuz you’re a cyborg!


Please be a part of this incredible effort.  Carry or grace another with a bag of distinction.  Know that you dignified parents and facilitated their girls’ education by a simple pledge, blog post, RT, ❤, or share.

Craig works selflessly for free in furtherance of this important mission … what can you do?




3 thoughts on “How Many Managing Directors Work for NOTHING ???

  1. Thanks again Kathe, for helping us to get the word out. Sometimes when I get discouraged, I think to myself self “hang in there, keep trying, Kathe is counting on me to succeed.” It’s nice to know, there is at least one person out there, that is really trying to help us out. Now, If I could just one person like you in every country, then we would really be rocking along!

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    • Craig … you would be surprised what I’m counting on you for … it has so little to do with “success” and “failure,” which are nothing but polarized notions based on value judgements that an individual creates from often skewed input.

      Years ago, I mentored several friends who wanted to take up the torch of homeschooling. They all were scared of “failing.” I told them all the very same thing I want to share with you now. In whatever you do, if you are resolved in your heart that what you are doing is important and worthwhile, if you are committed to the task, and if you do it for the right motives, even if you are not very good at it, how is that a “failure?” How many people in this world sit idly by and know something needs to be done, but choose to do nothing? THAT, Dear Resolute Heart, is a “failure.”

      Apply this to yourself. You gave up the 9 to 5 grind, went off ‘half-cocked’ on this idea to raise peasants out of poverty – not exactly knowing where the idea would take you – you resolved in your heart and committed in your soul that it was important and meaningful … and just look at all that you’ve done! Even if the entire world were indifferent, I believe you would press on.

      That’s what I’m counting on, Craig. What I already know without ever having stood before you in ‘friendship’ … is that your resolve will not change regardless of what happens with the campaign. What you’re doing is so important. There’s no failure; only you and your honor. No one can separate you from that.

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