What is the Hardest Thing You’ve Ever Written?

When I first thought of this topic for a blog post, I reflexively thought of the experience of writing my memoir, which is about to drop very soon. It was very hard for me to relive the events about which I wrote. The road to completion was riddled with speed bumps, many of which I constructed. There were tears … a ton of them. A few years before, though, I had written something that was far more challenging, even though not a writing task of extended duration to create.


I was in a hospital room at my mother’s bedside. She was sleeping most of the time at this point in her palliative journey, and the solitude allowed for a lot of reflection. One Saturday afternoon, as I glanced up from my screen to look over at Mom, I told myself I needed to start writing her obituary.

I looked at this woman, now a shell of her former self, yet all the eyes of my heart could see was the amazing person I could only hope to be. How could I do justice to a description of all that she was, I questioned. Worse, I felt guilty writing about her as though she were already dead. Nevetheless, the task was mine, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There were tears … just as there are now as I remember trying to find the ‘perfect’ words to both honor my mother, and to immortalize her even as I was saying ‘goodbye’ to her in my writing.

Well … I shared mine … now please comment and share the most difficult thing you’ve ever written.

~ Kathe

©2016 Kathe Messina




4 thoughts on “What is the Hardest Thing You’ve Ever Written?

  1. I am a fraidy cat when comes to writing deep, emotional, heartbreaking stuff. Open door that may never close, etc…But I did write a short story after my father died called “Home on the Farm.” It was a story about an old man who woke up one day on his farm and all his pain was gone. He walked out to his barn where his deceased wife and parents were having a picnic under the tree. And all was good again.I still get teared up with that one.

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