Being #TwitterGracious

Indulge me, if you will, in a little history …

Four score and seven yea … NO … WAIT … that’s too far back …

About eighteen months ago, I ran a crowdfunding campaign in advance of finishing my book. I’ve never plainly spelled out the details of why I undertook writing it, other than in this video, which some of you may remember.

Why I wrote it, in more detail, is the subject of a future post; but, for now, I’m compelled to write about something I like to call being #TwitterGracious.

During the crowdfunding campaign I tweeted aggressively because I was on a mission and feeling quite desperate. I needed to believe my goal was ‘doable’ and that I was not alone. I added the campaign address to welcome tweets for new followers, but I ALSO tweeted quotes to add value AND I RTd others’ stuff. Allow me to say I NEVER DMd in peddling fashion because I was trying to establish transparency, credibility, and maybe even a little compassion for my cause.

During the two months of the crowdfunding campaign, I received two tweets in particular that I’ve kept as a reminder of who NOT to be as a tweeter.

LAE editedLPO edited

One of these tweeps is so detached from their lack of grace that they’ve attempted to follow me TWICE.  Now … if someone annoyed you with their tweet to the extent that you didn’t want them ‘in your world’ and unfollowed them … wouldn’t you remember having been that much of a dick and to whom?  I would. Nevertheless, I didn’t follow back those two times, but I figured ‘what the hell’ the third time. Obviously THEY remember nothing.  I do.

As for the other tweep who thought I needed a content-strategy lesson WHILST I WAS IN UNI GETTING A BUSINESS DEGREE, they directly tweeted to me today, out of the blue, to ask me to spread a link. I am happy to say … I simply did it … and I didn’t reply with a dick-tweet asking them to GIVE ME A REASON AND NOT JUST REQUEST SOMETHING.

Why am I writing all this? I have had a pretty nice week on Twitter, having crossed paths with three specific Tweeps who deserve mention for their Twitter graciousness. Sometimes we need a contrast to suitably reveal how outstanding something or someone is.  Now you know about the chaff, so let’s move on to the gold.

Today I stumbled upon this tweet …

Liz Blade 1


… and I simply RTd. She was sooooooooooo grateful, gave me a lovely shout-out, but then RTd even more of my stuff.  She also expressed her thanks more than once. I certainly didn’t expect all that, but she’s a great example of an awesome and gracious tweep !!


Another absolute gem for this is Craig of @AmaniJnana bags, an account which started following me last week. When I followed back, I was DMd a blurb about his mission, which I found very sincere [check it out here] and which struck a chord with me because of my own efforts on behalf of someone else. It was a reflex to get on board to do what I could to raise awareness in advance of his crowdfunding campaign.  Craig has also gone above and beyond in graciously acknowledging my efforts, even though it’s not expected.  THIS is the power of Twitter – you can click a button or write a few tweets and at least try to make a difference – and EVERYONE should be doing it … not sending out dick tweets to piss on someone trying to do something good.

That brings me to my third, but certainly not last, lovely tweeter @MackG_ .  He made a very kind offer to help me and has RTd much in the past couple of days, in addition to the nice shout-out. Mack 1 With almost four times the followers I have, he could make a lot of noise and with a different reach than mine. This is super valuable to me. I only hope I’ve shown myself suitably gracious for his extra efforts on my behalf.

Just in case you’re cheap with RTs or promo in general, like THIS example …

Gio 1

… and you still don’t get it, let me paint a simple picture for you. If you saw me or anyone pushing someone in a wheelchair, would you open a door to help us? [Insert hearty “Yes!” here]. Really? But you wouldn’t click a button to RT someone’s cause, even if you can’t / don’t support it? You can’t muster an ounce of Twitter graciousness to promote something not your own?

Fine … I can push the wheelchair AND open the door MYSELF … but shame on you.

~ Kathe

©2016  Kathe Messina



9 thoughts on “Being #TwitterGracious

  1. I shared your blog on Twitter and got a shock that you’ve unfollowed me 😭😭😭

    I don’t remember being rude, dick or non courteous to you.


  2. I am often in a “writer’s state of mind”, so I didn’t know I was supposed to RT!! Yikes! I just retweet your tweets because you often get to the heart of a writer’s (or any other creative muse) heart. If I’m supposed to RT all those names, I’ll do that too! Just keep on keeping up our spirits!


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