A Message to My Sisters in Empowerment

First of all, Girls, ✋high fives✋ for every single thing we’ve accomplished that was not possible for our mothers before us. We’ve really turned things around for our daughters … but … I must say … some are taking it way too far. I know, I know … I just praised and slammed my sisterhood in the same breath. 😲

If you’re the aggressive, career-minded type who can care for herself … GO YOU!  In your dust, however, some of us are still hanging on to the fleeting remnants of chivalry – that fairy-tale notion of the knight, a mix of bravery and piety, who is strong, but courteous to women. He ‘brings home the bacon’ – regardless of what you do – because he wants to care for you.  He opens the car door, takes you on his arm, seats you, AND pays the bill at dinner.  I believe there are still men like that out there, but they are becoming very rare. When did women become threatened by those ‘old-fashioned’ ways?  Would it really be so horrible if the glass slipper fit?


I believe our “empowerment” is scaring men off – or at least confusing the hell out of them – and especially when it comes with that “Fuck-you-I-don’t-need-you!” edge. [Insert shudder here]. They don’t know whether they’re supposed to pay for dinner, or cook it for us!!!  I beg of you … is it necessary to alienate the men-folk with the ‘tude?

Please don’t get me wrong. This is not a wish to sit around eating 🍬bonbons🍬 all day like a mindless, lazy twit.  I’ve had to take care of myself … and a bed-ridden parent … AND five kids too … whilst I got a business degree, kicked its ass, AND wrote a book!  I’m an “empowered woman.” Guess what? It’s over-rated!!! Now that I actually have five seconds to think about myself, I would not turn away a chivalrous being who’s ready to take the torch for a while. Straight up, Ladies!

Is that so bad? Nope. I’m prepared to field all the tomatoes and rotten eggs the die-hard feminists want to throw at me.  I certainly am not June Cleaver in a dress with THAT string of pearls. I have nothing to prove, and I want the door opened for me.

Long live chivalry!!


©2016 Kathe Messina


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