My Thoughts on Twitter DMs

I love Twitter direct messages (DMs) as a concept, and particularly since they lifted the character restriction.

I must add a caveat to that, however, because DMs are one of the most abused features of Twitter, if you ask me.   You didn’t ask me, but it’s my blog and you’re here, so I’m going to pontificate on the matter anyway.

I don’t need you to jump into my DM box to tell me the stuff I can discover on my own.  Hellooooo, I followed you … and I don’t do that through automating, so I have an idea of what you’re about or I wouldn’t have clicked “follow.”

  • I’m not on Twitter to find a man, so I don’t appreciate getting perved on in a DM.
  • I know Jesus saves, so I don’t need you to tell me that.
  • Manage your Twitter in a value-added way and thank me for my follow on the open feed … that way everyone can share the love.
  • Market your stuff on the open feed … be serious about it … use Twitter the way it was intended … for real-time engagement … not canned, automated messaging.   And God forbid! If your automated DM is so poorly done that it’s obviously automated, I don’t even give it a full read-through.
  • Most importantly, if we ‘talk’ together in #DMs and you have a beef with me, don’t EVER fucking #block me.  There is nothing more rude … seriously.  I am not a dick by nature, but if you treat me like one, that’s it.  A follower learned that this week.  Over some months he unfollowed AND blocked me three times.  Know why?  Just because I sometimes didn’t answer … yeah … because he would message at nearly midnight and I’m freakin’ tired by then and actually sometimes sleep.  I gave this person my time regularly … multiple times a week … AND tolerated being unfollowed and blocked twice.  The third time is … well … more than a dick move. Sayonara !!!

I’ve come close to shutting down DMs more than once lately; but I have amazing friends and we have running dialogues daily … why would I want to mess with that?

I don’t … and I won’t … at least not yet.




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